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    Hi everyone, I recently booked a return flight from Morocco to New Orleans. I have three connections, Morocco to Milan, Milan to New York, and finally, New York to my destination of New Orleans.

    I discovered that I will only have two (2) hours to make my final flight to New Orleans once I get off the plane from Milan at JFK. I have decided to check my two bags because I am traveling alone with my toddler daughter. I am now very worried that I am going to miss my flight back home to New Orleans.

    I booked my flight on and all of the airlines I am taking are partners. Royal Air Maroc, Emirates, and Jet Blue. I have heard of the airlines interlining bags (still not very clear on this but I guess this what happens with partner airlines) so will it make the transition easier?

    Btw, I am arriving at Terminal 4 and have to make it to terminal 5. Can someone please guide me through the process?
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    Ideally the agents in Morocco will tag the bags all the way through to New Orleans. You will clear immigration at T4 and collect your bags there. Once you have your bags you clear customs. Just after customs there will be a baggage re-check counter. Assuming the bags are tagged through (showing MSY as the final destination) you drop the bags at that counter and then go upstairs to the AirTrain, ride one stop on either the Jamaica or Howard Beach trains, get off at T5/6 and walk down to security at T5. Clear security, go to the gate and fly home.

    If the agents in Morocco only tag the bags to JFK then you'll likely need to take them with you on the AirTrain over to T5 and drop them off with JetBlue there.
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    You have to claim your bags at JFK. Then go through customs. The airline will have an area right outside of customs to recheck your bags. You should have ample time.
    Note: If you purchase any liquids at Duty Free you have to pack them in your suitcase before checking the luggage back in. You will be going back through TSA again. they w

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