Traditional King Cakes From New Orleans

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    Mardi Gras season is gearing up here in New Orleans. Even though it's only January, parades will start running soon and king cakes will be baking constantly.

    If you want to taste a King Cake and see what it's all about, most delivery services will charge you between $30 to up to $50 or more to order either a king cake or a "Mardi Gras" pack.

    I can get king cakes for as little as $5-6 for the small size at my local bakery and ship them for USPS rates with 3-day priority delivery (they keep very well). PM me if interested.

    References on the prices quoted: Cakes

    Feel free to use the links listed, just keep in mind they will be $30-50+.

    No idea what a king cake is? Click here.

    These are the cakes I order in advance and bring onto flights out of N.O. every time I fly, and they are a favorite of my AA FAs. :D
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    Thanks for sharing, MSYgirl! Now we can see just what all those lucky AA FAs are being gifted from you! What a wonderful tradition! :cool:
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    found a funny comparison, I wonder why Randazzo posted this?,-Or-Not-To-Kringle?.html

    I used to have a client in Racine Wisconsin, most everytime I'd go up for a meeting, I'd bring a kringle back to the office, with the intent that the kringle be consumed for breakfast/break the next morning. Needless to say, the kringle was always gone by day's end that I brought it into the office, folks just couldn't wait.:D

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