Tracking Balances - TripIt Pro vs. AwardWallet Plus

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    Recently, TripIt Pro has become able to track point balances in several of the "difficult" programs (e.g. American). It now uses the same workaround that AwardWallet does -- they parse the data from your e-mail statements when you forward them.

    Thus far, I've always used AwardWallet Plus. I pitch 'em a few bucks every 6 months and I'm generally satisfied with the service. However, I've also get TripIt Pro for free because of the Barclay Arrival MC. I like the way TripIt tracks flights, hotels, etc., but I've never used it to track point balances before. I added a couple of my accounts, just to test the waters, and I like the level of historical detail it's able to give me about activity. (TripIt seems to pull the full details, while AwardWallet pulls the balance information and gives you a graphic visualization.)

    It'd be handy to have everything in one place, but re-entering ALL of my loyalty programs in TripIt will probably take some time. I'm interested to hear from anyone who has compared the two services before and can speak to their benefits and limitations with regard to each other.

    Is there a compelling reason to use one or the other, discounting the cost (as they're both essentially free in my situation)?
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    I have used TripIt Pro in the past and it's not going to give you the detail on the programs that it's scraping emails from, and crazily enough, you get TripIt Pro for free because of the Arrival card (I do as well now that I got the card too), and they can't track Arrival Points or US Bank Flex Perks. AW wins on the number of programs you can track. I'm even tracking dining rewards, CVS coupons and other things in AW that TI Pro cannot do.

    Really, the best bet is to contact Awardwallet and ask them to provide some more detail with the programs, and enhance their mobile app, or contact TI and ask them to add more programs. TripIt Pro beats AW with the flight tracking portion and text notifications of gate changes as well as the smartphone widget on Android phones. If AW could meet those features of TI Pro, then I'd switch completely to AW. However, for now, I track points with AW, and actual travel with TI Pro.
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