Tracking a Loyalty Program: Old-Fashioned to Modern Methods

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    How do you track a loyalty program? From your favorite coffee shop and grocery stores to the many travel-based rewards programs, you can become inundated with the programs where you’re involved. And as $16 billion in miles alone expires each year, ignoring them is not a wise decision.


    “Old-fashioned” methods just don’t cut it. You could rely on loyalty statements, which can amount to a lot of paper statements crowding your files – or an endless number of documents on your computer. Alternatively, you could keep track of them “by hand” – on paper or electronically – yet the obvious investment in work is not a pleasant prospect.

    Luckily, modern methods of tracking these numerous programs are quite simple. UsingMiles is a free tool that can track well over 200 programs, allowing you to simply sign in and see a snapshot of your loyalty programs. With the holiday season approaching, these points and credits should be considered a second currency that customers can use or redeem towards gifts and more. Managing these programs is a simple solution to never losing a discount or reward again.

    The difference is obvious and eye-opening. Instead of worrying about losing your rewards and keeping track of your progress and deadlines each month, it can be automated. The price to do this is hard to beat, as well. Moreover, the time difference is staggering.

    Take advantage of modern methods for loyalty program management. Valuable miles, credits, points, and more can be a great perk and convert into some impressive rewards. With a modern and automated tool like UsingMiles, you can track these accounts with ease. Contact us to learn more about this innovative, free tool that can manage all of your loyalty programs.
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