Top women-friendly destinations around the world

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    Budget flights and affordable social stay accommodations have rendered travel less no longer impossibly expensive. But after deciding where and when to go, finding someone to go with is the next problem. Not everyone has a travel buddy, and it's not that easy to simply give in to wanderlust; especially if you're a woman.

    Adventurous as we girls may wish to be, safety is always a concern and while travelers must always be careful, some places are safer than others for women.

    As featured on travel website Smarter Travel and travel blog Solo Traveler, here are some women-friendly destinations to check out.

    Caribbean or Mexican?

    First on Smarter Travel's list of 10 fabulous female friendly destinations is Dominica in Lesser Antilles. "Dominica stands out from much of the rest of the Caribbean for its natural beauty, friendly people, lack of sprawling development, and low crime rate," the site said.

    3 Next on the list is Charleston, South Carolina. "Charleston's historic district is a place the solo female traveler can enjoy during daylight as well as evening hours with complete comfort," Smarter Travel quoted Debra Asberry, a South Carolina native. Asberry is also the president and founder of Women Traveling Together, which offers small group tours for solo women travelers.

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    I don't choose destinations because they are "women friendly" but I pay attention to world news, so have eliminated potential destinations more for their political climate or their permissiveness of male aggression (India is an example). I think it's more important to not leave your common sense at home when you travel.
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    I think all travelers have some kind of litmus test for where they choose to go. I pick a place, figure out the overall safety factor then determine how my partner and I will be looked upon when we check into a place with one bed. We are not into PDA and by most accounts we "do not seem gay" to a lot of people, but we do prefer to always sleep together when we can.
    I have some female friends who are much more courageous than I and will go where their wanderlust tells them though I know others who won't own a passport ever, and won't go to a movie or dinner alone.

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