Top Ten Things to Do in Las Vegas

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  1. [​IMG]At a loss for what to do while you’re in Las Vegas? Try one of these ideas to round out your time in the city that truly never sleeps:
    1. Walk the Strip
    Walking is the best way to get around on the Strip. If you have mobility issues, this is obviously something you’ll have to work around (valet parking is a good option). However, if you are able-bodied and the owner of good shoes, walking the Strip will enable you to get in and out of hotels, shops, and restaurants easily, as well as allow you to enjoy the non-stop free entertainment of people watching along the Strip.
    2. Play 21 or video poker
    The casino is full of games to play, but some of the best odds for the player are at the 21, or blackjack, table. Video poker’s odds aren’t as great, but it’s one of the easiest games to play. If you can play solitaire on your computer, you can learn to play video poker.
    [​IMG]3. See a Cirque du Soliel show
    A whopping seven Cirque du Soleil shows are in Las Vegas: Mystere, O, Ka, Zumanity, Love, Viva Elvis, and Believe with Criss Angel. (Le Reve at Wynn, despite looking very Cirque-like and coming from a former Cirque producer, is not a Cirque show.) With so many Cirque productions Las Vegas, seeing one of these shows is fast approaching visiting a buffet as a Las Vegas must-do before you’re allowed to leave.
    4. Have your picture taken with a showgirl or Elvis
    This can be accomplished while you’re walking on the Strip (see #1) or Downtown, where there are so many costumed performers and impersonators that some Las Vegas officials are concerned that there are too many of them on the sidewalks. Do remember to tip the showgirl or Elvis—this is how many of these folks make a living.
    [​IMG]5. Eat at a buffet
    We’re not talking about your Dad’s buffet. No rubbery eggs or mystery meats allowed. The typical new Vegas buffet has international dishes, a brunch with lots of champagne, and sushi. Seriously: all you can eat sushi. Isn’t that reason enough to go?
    6. Leap off the top of the Stratosphere
    The existing thrill rides at the top of the Stratosphere (just “the Strat” to locals) just weren’t enough. Now you can try the world’s highest skyjump—you can fall for 108 stories. It’s no wonder that one of their FAQs is whether or not there’s a bar nearby.
    7. Go to a nightclub
    Pick a nightclub—any one, at any hotel—put on your very best, sexiest looking outfit, be prepared to stand in line for a while and pay a cover fee, and then have an incredible evening. Yes, the drinks are expensive, but your chances of a celebrity spotting are quite high at the trendier clubs like XS and Tao.
    [​IMG]8. Ride a zipline
    Flightlinez in Downtown Las Vegas will zip you under the Fremont Street canopy. Outside of Boulder City in Bootleg Canyon, you can zoom over the desert. It’s a dare-devilish activity that’s more fun than dangerous.
    9. Take a helicopter tour
    The lights of Las Vegas look best from way up high, and for sheer fun, you can’t beat a helicopter ride.
    10. Play a round of golf
    Las Vegas is home to some wonderful golf courses designed by award-winning golfers and professionals. Ask at the front desk of your hotel about special deals to play a few rounds.
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