Top Five Sushi Restaurants in Rio

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  1. [​IMG]Sushi took a while to catch on in Rio de Janeiro, but when the trend arrived in the city, it really made an impact. In 2008 and 2009 it seemed like a sushi bar was springing up on every street corner in Rio and, while that trend has now been replaced by an explosion of frozen yogurt bars, there is still plentiful opportunity to enjoy sushi in Rio – whether you want to sit down to a formal meal or just grab a quick sushi snack on the hoof.
    1. Madame Butterfly one of the first Japanese restaurants to open in Rio, this is the top spot for a sophisticated, romantic meal
    2.Sushi Leblon another sleek, chic (and yes, expensive) option, Sushi Leblon is a top choice for those who really take their sushi seriously
    3. Aquarium a better option for sushi-seekers on a budget, Aquarium offers good sushi that won’t blow the travel budget
    4. Cone Lounge this is another good spot for travelers without megabucks to spend on their sushi and, unusually, this casual restaurant also offers Arab dishes – so you could pick up a falafel to go with your California rolls
    5. Miako a traditional and unpretentious spot, Miako is located at the heart of Rio de Janeiro’s small but well-established Japanese community in Botafogo.
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