Top 5 Countries where to Volunteer with Affordable Placement

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    For people who are planning to volunteer abroad, one of the major challenges is the expensive cost of placement fees. You could expect to spend around $500 for one week of volunteer placement in most countries. And that does not yet include your travel expenses in going to and from the country where you will volunteer. More often, students who have very little savings become discouraged once they know how much they would possibly spend on their trip.

    Fortunately, there are now more affordable volunteer destinations. Organizations like Volunteering Solutions offer a huge range of inexpensive programs to these destinations to give students and other volunteers with limited budget to serve abroad. Here are the top 5 countries where you could volunteer with a small budget:

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    One of the problems that many NGOs list with for-paid-organizations and volunteers is that people are interested in resume building (not a bad reason :) ) and many a times they are there for very short time to make a difference. Does few weeks of teaching English in a remote village really make a difference ? Oh Well - Volunteerism is often a drag to many NGOs.

    Paying to be placed with NGOs defeats the purpose does it not ? In India, many NGOs could make that $500 go very far and $1000 would be extremely useful.

    my two paisas :)

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