Top 10 St. Patrick's Day destinations

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    Dublin won't be the only city decked out in green for the festivities honoring the patron saint of Ireland. Online travel consultant Hotwire ( has come up with its Top 10 St. Patrick's Day destinations.

    1. Chicago, Illinois
    Besides offering delicious deep-dish pizza and wonderful views of Lake Michigan, the Windy City is home to one of the most spectacular St. Patrick's Day displays in the world. Every year, thousands of festive Midwesterners take the train downtown to celebrate the holiday and witness the dyeing of the Chicago River. Using over 40 pounds of environmentally friendly coloring, the river stays green for an entire day, providing the perfect backdrop for the St. Patrick's Day parade and throngs of enthusiastic locals.

    2. Boston, Massachusetts
    As home to a thriving and Irish pub scene and the Celtic-influenced punk rock group Dropkick Murphys, Boston is a prime spot for celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. Every year, the city holds one of the biggest parades and boasts party after party at one of their many vibrant pubs. Visitors can also walk along the city's Irish Heritage Trail, which begins at the Rose Kennedy Garden and ends near Fenway Park, to experience firsthand the rich Irish background behind some of the city's most beloved historical areas.

    3. Dublin, Ireland
    What better place to celebrate an Irish holiday than, well, Ireland? Last year, an estimated 500,000 festive folks flocked to the city to celebrate the holiday and enjoy a few pints from the Emerald Isle. This year, the city is putting a spin on its annual parade with a new theme of the "People's Parade," allowing 8,000 people from around the world to sign up to be in the ceremony and take in the electrifying atmosphere as they march down the historic streets. Dublin travelers can also pay a visit to the Guinness brewery to enjoy a fine beer straight from the source or watch some of the city's historical buildings light up in festive colors for the Greening of the City.

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    from what I've heard about Savannah, I'm surprised it isn't on this list.
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    I've just read that Dublin will have this year the most international St. Patrick's Day parade ever. It coincides with the Gathering 2013. :)
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    I lived in Savannah for a few years, and on St. Patrick's Day most businesses closed or had only skeleton staff. It was a day-long party. It should definitely be on the list IMO.
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    New York?? Surely. Meaning NYC!
  6. They have it all wrong. Montreal is the NA Capital for Irish celebrations. I guarantee it:D

    My brohter has an annual st. paddy's day open house at his factory near Montreal and over 500 people show up and donate between $5 and $7K every year to a charity that is picked.

    PM me if you want to donate to the MS Foundation.;)

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