Top 10 Signs you have been flying UNITED way too much and too long

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    UNITED and I are going though a divorce. While UA has been involved in my life in one way other another actively since 1998 its time to pull the plug and move on. In the meantime I've been sleeping around, and two timing.

    Borrowing from David Letterman's TOP 10 list, I created one of my own after noticing travel habits specific to UNITED that I have no longer apply, when flying with other carriers.

    10. You plan your travel day and meetings on the road based on the 24 hour confirmed standby rule. In fact, you know this rule intimately.

    9 . You tell the car rental bus driver to drop you off at the far end of Terminal 6 at LAX, even though UA does not operate out of T6. That's because you know the Premier check in and TSA Pre line for Teminal 7 are easily accessible from the T6 entrance

    8 . Your travel preparation and planning involves more than just packing. You also plan activities do to on the plane. This includes downloading movies and making sure e-mail attachments that you might want to work on are downloaded. Because you assume that there will be no wifi that works and no IFE or power on a plane. Then you hop on Delta or American and realize that all the movies you rented on iTunes for the flight, are on the IFE system. DUH.

    7. You automatically give every flight attendant you encounter on every other airline two meal choices, automatically because you assume that there won't ever be enough food on the plane. This sometimes becomes awkward while flying Turkish or Singapore (or the like) , because they are puzzled as to why. Do you want two entree portions?. This becomes a comedy when the Singapore Girl comes back with two meals ( this actually happened to me)

    6 . Whole cashews and nuts. I thought that was a myth?

    5. Take the people mover at IAH? Why bother? Its faster to walk

    4. You have accepted that the kiosk is in fact a human being agent disguised as a robot. That is until you see the yellow exclamation mark.

    3. You travel domestically with two bags, a small one that will fit into the overhead of a regional jet and another carry on. Because 90% of your flights are on Regional jets.

    2 . You know not to bother checking in internationally because you know you will get a “THIS IS NOT A BOARDING PASS” and that checking in on line internationally is usually, pointless.

    And the #1 sign you fly UA too much and for too long

    1. You have become habitually late and unreliable. But that's ok, your friends, family and co workers love you anyway.
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    Very well done meFIRST! Your list is a fun read! And I suspect that Milepointers could come up with similar lists for American, Delta, and other airlines.

    Regarding your #4, when travelling through IAD, you will encounter a hologram that thinks she's human!

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    Reminds me of what I used to do at old NW terminal at DTW, if I knew my flight was at the C concourse, I'd have the van from the remote lot I used stop at American and not bother explaining I was on NW because that was the closest entrance.

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    This list made my day.
    (As a vodka martini drinker, I could add "You remember the exact date UA switched from Skyy Vodka to Tito's, on board. )

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    Congrats! I have a number of already booked trips for the summer, but I think this is my last year with UA also.

    My first thought was a combination of #10 and #1...

    You plan your travel day and meetings on the road based on the assumption that you'll be 24-48 hours late to your destination. In the rare event you're actually on time, you get time to chill and explore.

    Love the comment about the regional jets too! Some days I'd kill for a regional jet... hello Q400's :-(

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