Top 10 eco-friendly travel gadgets & accessories

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    The environmental cost of travelling is seemingly on everyone’s mind. Luckily, there are ways to reduce footprints and increase sustainability without buying carbon offset credits or resolving to stay home. More and more travellers are concerned about the consequences of what they carry with them, as well as the amount of resources they’ll consumer once at their destination.
    Though you won’t save the world from rising sea levels, you can do your part to travel mindfully and reduce your individual carbon footprint. To help, we’ve found 10 gadgets and accessories that minimise the use of new resources in favour of recycled or reclaimed materials or provide power and clean water with what’s naturally available.

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    I like the idea of the water alarm clock, it's weird but interesting. It'd be annoying to have to empty it before boarding the plane though... and I'm assuming you'd have to reset the time every time you dump the water. If you didn't empty it, be prepared for a few surprised faces at security because I'm pretty sure it'd look like a bomb if it was filled with water! I guess it's something more for camping than staying in hotels... you can use the alarm clock or your cell phone at a hotel and they're not exactly energy hogs.

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