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    If the new year finds you with an undiminished zeal for roaming but reduced finances for doing so, perhaps the top 10 “budget-friendly” destinations for 2014 recommended by – an online publisher of travel packages and tips — will fit the bill.

    Spanning the globe, some of these “unique, accessible and culturally interesting” affordable locales may exhaust your finances just getting there, but at least those of us on the West Coast have the advantage in reaching the Asia/Pacific sites that hold the No. 1 and 10 spots: Singapore and the Avarua District of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. We’re also a hop, skip and a jump from downtown Las Vegas, which falls between those two more exotic sites on the list, but certain common pastimes there could make it an expensive “budget destination” indeed.

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    My first thought: I can confirm as a Torontonian, Toronto is definitley not a 'budget' destination!! Taxes and higher activity costs often make it around the same price as NYC or HNL.
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    +1...YYZ is definitely not a budget destination.
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    Thanks for posting, sobore!

    This article is most definitely one travel writer's opinion! It would be interesting to hear from more Milepointers to learn of their agreement or disagreement with these 10 city destination choices, or if they can suggest others. :cool:

    Is Singapore really now that inexpensive? Perhaps the Cook Islands are also inexpensive, but, let's face it, getting to either destination from the U.S. (especially the East Coast) will never quite be a "cheap date"! :eek:

    It's been some time since we've visited Toronto, and if it has become as expensive to visit as NYC or HNL (as UA191 and sudosandwich testify), hopefully it's still well worth visiting, but it sounds like good travel planning for a visit to Toronto certainly wouldn't hurt a family on a budget!

    There's no question that Krakow is a bargain and well worth the visit, but the hordes of drunk young Brits while I was there 3 months ago (who BTW also discovered how to travel there) kind of put a damper on the nightlife - for the Poles as well as for visitors. :mad:

    While I agree with the choice of Panama City on this list - it's a happening place - I'm unsure about the choice of Port of Spain, Trinidad, after recently reading about the uptick in drug-related violence there. I guess that if I were headed to any of these destinations, I'd also ask other Milepointers to weigh in with their personal experiences! ;)

    A Happy 2014 to all! :D

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