too many flights in your trip to checkin

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    First Time I have ever gotten this:

    We can't check you in online, because there are more flights in your trip than are allowed for self-service check-in.
    Please see an agent at the airport to complete check-in.

    I have six segments over Sat and Sun. Is this new or have I just not hit this limit before?
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    Four segs in one day seems too much for DL. I experienced these errors last year with a single itin SDF-ATL-MCO-ATL-TUS.

    In fairness this isn't only a DL problem. I showed up at CO checkin at LIS last Jan on a CCS run, traveling LIS-EWR-IAH-CCS-IAH-DEN-LAX-TUS on two separate itins within the next 36 hours. I was inside the checkin window for both itins. Not only could they not check me in past IAH, they had a devil's job getting my bag tag to print. Four fields is the max, for most systems.
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