Too big to fly?

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    YOU'RE in luck if you need extra room on a Canadian airline because you're obese. Federal regulations require airlines to treat such passengers as disabled and provide a second seat at no additional charge. But you're out of luck if you're too tall, as Malcolm Johnson from Edmonton has discovered. The Canadian Transportation Agency recently dismissed Mr Johnson's complaint that Air Canada was discriminating against him in forcing him to pay extra for a seat that could accommodate his 201cm (6'7) frame. The reason: Mr Johnson did not prove that his height was a disability. Though his doctor wrote a note supporting his case, pointing out that Mr Johnson was at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis if forced to sit in an economy-class seat, the agency decided that “a risk of developing a medical condition does not equate with having a condition.”

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    Being 2 m., i strongly support a rule for mandatory upgrades for people higher than 2 m! :D

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