To Southwest it's a fare sale: To America it's a brazen display of price "arrangement"

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    Someday someone will explain how Southwest gets to charge nosebleedingly high fares, poses as a discount carrier and provides a pretty dreadful on board experience for even a 45 minute flight. But heck they tell jokes, is that it? With some of the absurdly highest domestic fares in US history, it was entertaining to see them recently advertising a fare sale, such as a one way Philadelphia-MDW fare of exactly $128.0000000000000000000, the other carteliers United charges 128.00000000000 and not to be outdone American charges $128.0000000000. This is the minimum fare, can be three times the price and it is ALWAYS the fare: winter, spring, summer fall, late at night, weekends, 6 AM, late at night ida y Vuelta. When and where were these non compete agreements hatched? How do the airlines decide how many seats each one will be limited to? Are there emails? Granted airlines executives have said quite publicly that they are colluding, but how about charging $127 just to throw the blood hounds off the trail. Unless you are firmly convinced they are comatose and will never act in the public's interest which has certainly been the record in both administrations over the past half decade. If law enforcement and overseers were doing there jobs wouldn't they be contemplating subpoenas if not, in some cases, search warrants?
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