To Request Compensation Or Not ?

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  1. Hello,

    I am so glad I found this forum. Been reading a little here and there and am fascinated by some of the concepts Definitely am looking forward to learn how to shave off multitudes of pennies and earn extra miles here and there on flights and other mile earning opportunities.

    Regarding the reason to make a first post:

    It is a simple question regarding whether I should call or e-mail the airline and request some sort of compensation due to a situation on a flight.

    The plane was delayed due to a large number of people arriving late from one flight. The airline held the departure so that they could make the connection. Those already boarded had to wait for over 1.5 hours until all persons making the connection cleared customs, went back through screening and then boarded the plane.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If yes, what would be reasonable?
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    My answer may be different from others but personally I would not be asking for compensation. Sometimes this situation just happens. How do you feel you were inconvenienced besides probably arriving at your destination a bit late? Did it cost you anything financially?

    I think sometimes we spend too much time focussing on the negatives instead of embracing all the positive things in life.
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    Welcome to MP! :)
    Were you late arriving to your destination? Unless it was a significant delay, I would not think compensation was due.
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    Welcome to Milepoint, +300Passage!

    Before discussing compensation and such it would be best to get some more facts.

    Airlines usually do not go by the time on the ground but difference in landing. Sometimes, delays can be made up for in the air. Did the plane arrive 1.5hrs later than scheduled? IF so, you may have a reasonable complaint. If they made up most of time, then I would say no.

    I agree with Toula -- When you mention a large number of people, was it more than half the plane? It makes sense (on a majority basis) to delay a flight for others to make the connection. While I am sure there is teeth-gnashing for those already on the plane, those who got on because the plane got held were probably very relieved.

    Finally, if you were connecting to another flight and missed it, (or incurred out of pocket expenses as Toula mentioned) you may get additional consideration though some airlines seem to have standardized amounts for passenger complaints (with some basing it on your status with the company). Personally, I have never asked for a set amount, though providing a concise report and offering suggestions on how to improve the CS experience can yield a favorable response.

    Hope this helps and please feel free to ask questions about miles and points -- its a great learning and sharing community!
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    Do you know why the (single, I assume) plane that your plane was waiting for was late? It might matter whether it was weather or a mechanicL delay, even though the airline clearly made the decision to hold your flight.

    Did you miss a connection or pay extra for things like taxis from your destination airport, food en route, hotel during your own missed connection, etc.?
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    Welcome to MP! An hour and a half does not seem like too much of a delay however maybe it did cause you some troubles.
    I probably wouldn't bother complaining about your kind of delay- however It Never Hurts To Ask! If you think you deserve compensation, send an e-mail, the worst they can do is say no.
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    I think that one way to think about this is to put yourself in the position of those who were able to make the connection, and see how you would have felt that the airline had waited for you. I would have been thrilled. I think that we are a better society when we think of others...

    So, if you did not have urgent business that was affected by the delay or if the airline/pilot had decided to burn more gas by speeding up the plane to make up for some of the lost time, then I would just let it go.

    Welcome to MP!
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  8. Thanks for all your replies. The announcement was that they held the plane because the airline did not want to have to place the close to 40 people in hotels.

    I do not recall if they even stated why the plane was late . . . mechanical or weather on its origination?

    For my destination, the plane was over an hour late getting to the gate. It was an overnight flight.

    Individuals that had close connections were placed on later flights. I did not have a connection,

    All in all, my schedule was not too inconvenienced, and I did have a pleasant chat with an elder lady, sitting next to me, whom we waited for.
  9. DestinationDavid
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    I vote: Don't sweat the small stuff.

    Welcome to MP! ;)
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    I though that in some airports the decision to hold a plane for transferring passengers is made by the tower and not by the airline. A number of factors have to be evaluated, including airport capacity (if there are already planes circling waiting for permission to land, gate availability, etc.) and number of passengers transferring.

    But, I would still request compensation from the airline, as it is them you are doing business with. You might expect a small amount of frequent flier miles as a goodwill gesture (2000 miles?) Whether that's worth your time and effort is a good question.

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