To individual hotel properties: PLEASE keep your website updated!

Discussion in 'Marriott | Rewards' started by sophiegirl, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I am posting this under Marriott, because that is where I happen to be - but it certainly holds true across all chains.

    Am currently in a hotel under renovation. Major renovation. Any mention of this on their site? NADA. [​IMG] And unfortunately I arrived late at night, and did not see the trucks, trailers, and pods parked around back.

    There is (quite noisy) work going on in the room above me, and as they rip things out, they throw them out the land with a thud in front of mine, where a bunch of guys then stand out and "chat" while they clean it all up. Some kind of huge crane is up and down, forward and backwards, with that lovely, endless beep beep beep. Side doors are consistently left open (nice security). Just went down to use the fitness center - oops...not there, ripped out.

    I understand that upgrades are needed, and certainly love the end result...but please - be honest on your site, say what parts of the hotel are affected, and let guests make their choice as to whether to stay with you. And if they do, try not to put them directly under the room being ripped out!
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    I have to agree, nothing is worse than arriving at a hotel after a long flight to find there are renovations going on.

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