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    Has anyone recently flew on either of these legs? It is TK71 and TK3 respectively. My family of 7 will be on this flight...3 kids. I would appreciate thoughts on their product for these routes or just general thoughts on it. How is the IFE, food, service. Most likely the majority of us will be in Y, with maybe two in business.

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    I can't speak to those specific routes, but having recently flown TK I can say their on-board product is very nice. I flew in Y ZRH-IST and IST-ADB return. On the domestic 1-hour flights we were served a hot lunch one way (at meal time) and a sandwich snack the other (not being meal time). I would assume your routing should be fine. IFE was good on the international flight, with seat-back monitor and a decent choice of movies, etc. Service was attentive and responsive on both routes.

    The lounge in IST is incredible.

    I look forward to a flight report!
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    Same here, I didn't fly those legs but I had a 12-hour flight with my two children this summer and we had a very nice flight. The kids received each a backpack with an amenity kit specially made for kids. The lounge in IST has a playroom for kids and they even had Ipads for the kids to play with.

    I forgot to mention that we were in coach.
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