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    I know that there are loads of FF's on this board so anyone have any interesting tips on travelling and packing light for those of us that don't fly as much?

    Here are mine:

    1. Use a PackTowl (or similar) towel instead of normal towel when traveling. They're light and compress really well so they take up very little luggage space. Examples Here
    2. Use a collapsible water bottle like this one. Light and easy to carry once you're out of water.
    3. Roll your clothes. IMO it's more space efficient.
  2. FlyingBear
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    Put your socks inside the shoes (if you have any) in your luggage :)
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    If I am bringing my own towel it gets rolled up and lashed to the outside of my carry-on. Similarly my water bottle is metal (much more durable) but is also hooked to the outside so it doesn't count against me.

    My main rules to conserve space are:
    1) No extra shoes. At most I have the pair I'm wearing and one more pair packed. Only the one pair is pretty common though.
    2) Half as many pants as you think you need. A 10 day trip should not require more than 3 pairs of pants.
    3) If the trip is really that long, do laundry. I did 10 days across Japan, China, Seattle and Los Angeles in a small backpack. I did laundry at one of the stops in the middle. Similarly just got home from 15 days in Asia where we did laundry on day 7. Everything fit easily in a 22" bag.
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    My first rule for packing light is "I can buy it when i get there"
    I recall taking a long weekend trip to the wine country with my 9 month old son and only packing 5 diapers, but i included driving directions from the rental car place to the closest babys r us and it was our first stop after landing.
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    My main rule is stick to basic colors, and make sure EVERYTHING can be worn with EVERYTHING. That means I ususally wear one pair of black, brown,navy or tan . pants with a sweater/jacket and pack a couple of lightweight tops that will go with them. I also wear a silk or cotton patterned scarf, that can double as a shawl, or a throw, or around my waist etc. I never take additional shoes or boots, but will pack a pair of sandals in the warmer weather. Sleepwear is usually an extra large tee shirt, that can also be worn to the pool. I will use the hotels shampoo and soaps, and take a small baggie with my makeup.
    I've been around the world numerous times, and have over 2,000,000 flight miles under my belt, but I haven't checked a bag since graduating college years ago. Granted my longest trip was a business trip that lasted only 8 days--- but even there, I took carry on.
    PS-Why on earth would anyone take a towel with them while traveling ??? :confused: Don't they supply them in hotels ? Also as for a water bottle, I'll buy water and then just keep that bottle, rather than taking up space in my bag.
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    If I'm going to a cold climate I put my ski jacket and sweaters in compression bags. It collapses them down to a manageable size.
    Taking an extra compression bag is also great for storing dirty clothes so they don't take up much space.

    I reached the same conclusion as Mr. Wandering Aramean... for longer trips just do laundry on day 7. It's worth the trade-off of not having to carry so much stuff.
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    Cell Phone. ID/Passport. Credit Card. (cell phone optional)

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