Timing your tier point run??

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    I'm new to reward programs but I travel a fair amount each year, mainly for pleasure. I joined the BA executive club last year and have just recently achieved Bronze status. I'm considering doing a tier point run soon to obtain Gold Status but need some advice on timing.

    My tier collection year ends 08 march 2016. My card expires on 30th April 2017.
    I currently have 430 lifetime tier points.

    Would it be more beneficial to do the tier point run before march 2016? I assume i'd achieve gold and then be able to keep it for the following year? Correct? Or would it be beneficial to wait until after March and then try to achieve it as that way id achieve gold at the beginning of my tier point year and in theory would retain it for almost 2 years??

    If I've understood this correctly then my dilemma is whether to forget the 430 tier points I've already collected and start from scratch costing more money but having it for a longer period, or using the 430 points and obtain gold for a cheaper price but have it for less time.

    Any advice in understanding this or whether i've completely misunderstood it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Do you really think you'll collect 1500 TPs that quickly? That's quite a run. What are you willing to pay to get there and are you sure it is worth that much spend?

    Generally in your position - aiming for a big run to hit top tier - I'd try to time it at the beginning of a window rather than the end. Especially if you have no other need/reason for the status until that point.

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