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  1. I have 18 stays scheduled by May 31. My goal is to get Diamond requalification out of the way, and then start burning some points or use 3rd party points for stays (ie burn points from other cc programs). With the G bonus issues, should I slow down so I can whoop up on possible FFN later in the year? Or knock out Diamond so I can relax? Your thoughts are appreciated.
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    I think the big question you have to ask yourself is what if FFN doesn't come along this year? Will that put you into a mad panic come Q4 or can you slowly but surely acquire the remaining 7 stays between June thru December?
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  3. Thanks for the reply Toula! Part of my thinking is that my 6 upcoming stays in March aren't going to earn Gx or qualify towards the Spring Promo. I have 5 stays in April that apparently won't earn Gx, but they will go towards the promo. I'm not counting on FFN at all, but I think that it's fair to say that the earning potential down the road can't be any worse than it's going to be in March anyway. My normal travel pattern would make the extra 7 stays in the second half of the year an easy get, so I'm not worried about that. If I was going to burn after requal, why not burn a little bit now, when the earning potential is bad, and then buy/earn later in the year when it might be better?

    I'm leaning towards converting a couple of my March stays to points--I can get decent value for the points on those particular stays. A few of the March stays are very good values regardless of the lack of earning points, so I'll keep those as is.

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