Tibet tour August 9th-August13th

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    I have my flights booked (Aeropan award mini-RTW) and in order to get the Tibet Travel Permission I'm looking into booking a 'tour'.

    I was planning to use Tibet Highland Tours which get a good rep at the Lonely Planet Forums. The way it works in Tibet is that you need to have a tour booked but often you are the only traveler showing up so they impose the whole group charge on you.

    Therefore maybe someone wants to join me? There is plenty of availability on awards around those dates (Air China from PEK direct or via CTU). PEK is a *Alliance hub so almost every * airline flies there. Starwood has a St. Regis and Four Seasons in Lhasa (both have C+P availability).

    I'm not sure what the maximum group size is. I'm guessing 9?

    The price you see below will be shared among all participants.



    5-DAY TRIP

    Price Includes:

    Price for the Tibet permit (200 yuan per person)
    Price for the Guide (250 yuan per day x 5 days = 1250 yuan) (For Group )
    Price for the car transportation, day trip to Namsto Lake (1,500 yuan) (For Group )
    Price for Service fee (1000 yuan) (For Group )
    Tour Driver and Tour Guide meals (Included)
    Vehicle tolls and vehicle repairs (if necessary) (Included)

    Price Excludes:

    1. Lhasa airport pickup and drop off (300 yuan per trip)
    2. Lhasa train station pickup and drop off (100 yuan per trip)
    3. Client meals and accommodation
    4. Mailing permit fee (180 Yuan to 550 yuan depends on urgency for client entering Tibet via
    5. All monastery entrance fees
    6. Namsto Lake entrance fee (120 yuan per person)
    7.Taxi inside Lhasa
    8. Personal expenses of clients (water, oxygen, flight ticket or train ticket etc.)
    9. Driver and Guide gratuities (The recommended tip for a Tour Driver is 200 yuan and for a
    Tour Guide is 300 yuan, depending on their performance. If you are not satisfied with their
    performance, you may give them a lower amount or no tips at all.)

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