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Discussion in 'Beta Feedback [Archive]' started by mowogo, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Tonight I tried out the edit feature on the new wiki, editing the page on United Airlines Elite Status, and here are my thoughts:

    There is no clean way to create headings in the Rich Text Editor. I found myself going into bb code and copying the formatting for section headers to keep with the existing style of the page. Because of my html work, I could figure this out, but it can easily put off many of the members here. Especially when we get to the point where members are creating pages for various pieces of information, this could easily become a major problem.

    Tables are completely unwieldy no matter what the format. To create/edit a table you must be a bb code expert, as there is currently no way to build a table in a visual manner. I would encourage anybody to actually take a look at the code for some of the tables, just to get an Idea of what I am talking about.

    I will give props for trying to keep the editing interface consistent, as it makes it so that users only need to learn one editing interface, however when the interface is extremely limited, it makes a feature and information rich wiki page much harder to construct in a quick and easy manner.
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