Thoughts on my recent Delta flight/Comparing Delta to AA/I'm staying with American!

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    Since Delta is devaluing their FF miles I cashed some miles in for a trip to Florida. Every year I look at my advance travel and decide if it would be wise to switch to another program. Here are my thoughts. I’m staying with American, thanks.

    Great, friendly crews
    Website is good
    Discounted pre-pay price for gogo is nice
    Wifi on all four segments, even the vintage 1932 767 with no legroom
    They brought around a snack tray with fresh fruit and chips on three of the flights
    Screens in seats on two of the four segments was nice
    Power on only two flights, two had no power. Bad Delta

    Less legroom than AA in First. The First Class cabin on the 757 has seven rows of seats where we have six
    Ran out of club soda/sparkling water
    No power on two segments
    Everyone lines up at the gate, everyone. Thereby blocking the priority boarding
    2 very old 757s. One felt like a converted railroad car. The 767 was worse
    767 had less legroom than a 757. About as much as AA’s Md80s
    Wifi died halfway back to LAX on the 767

    Since the seats were so bad I’m thinking of asking them for a refund of some of my miles. Why not?
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    • Comparing DL aircraft to railroad cars or 1932 767s (a vintage of the widebody I was previously unaware of) doesn't make the most convincing case.
    • As a Platinum customer on both AA and DL, I'm reasonably familiar with both products. Don't forget the possibility to end up on an AA 757 ghetto bird. They are still out there.
    • Re number of rows in F on a 757...don't make that your deciding fact. Positioning of closets, galleys and washrooms allow for an extra row in certain configurations. DL used to be 24 F seats...but with the NW fleet integration and a few other tweaks, some now have an extra row on one side.
    • Re boarding, I've had plenty of AA flights where gate lice overwhelm both channels (as I have on DL, too). Frankly, I find flights to Florida often to have the most offenders amongst my experiences (but this is not a definitive sampling).
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    As a Diamond on Dl and EXP on AA, not to mention CP on the soon-to-be-AAUS, I have some clear views. Obviously I travel quite a lot on both, so I cannot think they're either one perfect nor truly horrible. Without doubt I prefer AA, other things being equal.

    So, far DL has consistently horrible IT problems from meal orders being lost or made incorrectly to seat screwups to misquoted fares to incorrect mileage and MQM postings, not to mention their abysmal handling of AF/KL in the US. We'll see how AA does during merger.

    On board AA has better meal service and usually more room, plus better call centre and elite customer service. AA also does a stellar job of resolving service and IRROPS problems. DL is well-versed in denial. So far out of four serious issues this year with DL they have resolved each error in their favour, zero for me. By contrast AA has had three this year and resolved all in my favour, including two IRROPS for which they gave an apology and miles before the delayed flight had even landed and I did not even complain.

    Both have quite consistently polite call centre, counter, club and flight staff IME, with the odd rude person. Both do a very good job on that score. In flight service still gets a nod to AA for me.
    DL LH wide bodies almost all, if not all, have very nice fully flat spacious Business seats. AA does not yet, although they're planned. That keeps me on DL for a fair number of flights.
    I'd rather transit in ATL, MSP or DTW than I would MIA, DFW or ORD, but CLT is a very good place to transit except for the lousy US shower-less club.
    AA upgrades, SWU etc are much better than DL. despite DL's program change to true almost any class SWU's they only will give four for Diamond only. That is just two RT for me. I cannot be too excited about taht especially when AA Business is often cheaper than DL M class on my routes, and with AAirpass it is almost always cheaper.

    I will probably give up on DL after this year, but still will likely end out with Diamond for 2015 anyway, mostly because of AF and KL flights. In any event I'll be liquidating my SkyPesos as rapidly as I can do so. I did that a couple of years ago but convenience kept me with DL.
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