This BUD On You! A Successful Dustup with HHonors Customer Support Re: Missing Bonus Points

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    Last month I completed a stay at Hilton Budapest (aka "Hilton Danube"). Y'know, the one near the famous castle and the huge cathedral overlooking the Danube. I had a mixed experience because the property -- the first to open in the old Soviet block -- was undergoing a major and much needed facelift. Some 3-4 years before I had stayed at Hilton WestEnd (aka "Hilton Train Station"), and my recommendation, without hesitation, is: stay at "Hilton Danube"!


    Anyway, to try to make a long story short, my HHonors points for this stay, including those from the multiple promos that are currently running, posted within 48 hr, except that 500 points that I was supposed to earn for booking and paying for the stay with my AMEX Surpass did not. I called Diamond Desk expecting that they would award me the 500 points without a fuss as in the past, but the HH CSR I spoke with said that she would have to "open a dispute" because it was not at all clear that I had paid for the stay with my AMEX card. The "investigation" was to last 7-10 days, after which I would hear from them. Confident that I would get the points because I knew that I had booked and paid for the reservation with the AMEX, I said fine.

    One can therefore imagine my big surprise when I got this email last night:
    Note that the email did not say exactly why my request for retro-credit was denied. I picked up the phone again and called Diamond Desk. After sparring with the CSR for a while because she was adamant that their records did not show that I had paid for the stay with my AMEX, she decided to refer the matter to a supervisor. I told the supervisor that I was staring at my AMEX account at the time and that the evidence that I had paid with my AMEX was only a click away if she wanted me to email it to her. She must have realized that this was no biggie, so she said there was no need to send the evidence; she would just add the 500 points to my account, which I confirmed she did.

    However, pissed that whoever had "investigated" my claim could mishandle something that could have been handled on the phone the first time I had called, considering that it involved just 500 points, I responded to the denial email sender, making sure to copy the Diamond Special Services folks:
    The main reason for this post is to report what the Diamond Special Services folks did after they received my email. Exactly 13 minutes after I sent my response, I got the following email from the Diamond CS folks:

    There you have it. Not only was this a great example of responsive customer service by the Diamond CS folks, but what was supposed to be a dispute for just 500 points ended up earning me 5 times the disputed number of points!!!

    Simply kool. :cool:
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