This Bolivian hotel made of salt may make you want to lick the walls

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    If you’re a craving a salty snack, it’s probably best to stay away from this luxury hotel constructed entirely from salt cubes.

    From floor to ceiling, wall to wall, and even assorted furniture, Palacio de Sal—or “Salt Palace”-- may one of the tastiest hotel properties in the world.

    Located on Bolivia's eastern shore of the Great Salar de Uyuni – the world’s largest salt flat— the hotel was built with the abundant natural resources that surround the property. The hotel buildings are comprised of a million blocks of salt and took two years to construct, according the Daily Mail.
    Initially created in the mid 90s, it has since been fully remodeled to include a full service spa, billiard room and dining hall.

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    What happens to your blood pressure?

    Licking the walls where others have licked or worse? Nope.
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