Things that save us time when we are home

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    A lot of us are not home a lot and I prefer to spend my time at home relaxing (or working, as it were). I'm not talking about cleaning and laundry (having a good housekeeper who irons helps here) but I do like to cook and experiment with drinks and such.

    I recently ordered a Vitamix blender, which is a versatile kitchen tool that can do everything except iron the pillowcases apparently. When I come home from a trip, i can throw in some ice, a banana or two, maybe some berries, a little milk - and a perfect frappe is created. It can also make hot soup but it chops, dices, mashes, etc. as well - making cooking easier as well (it's easy to clean too). (I wrote a review which is online here if anyone is interested).

    What other devices/tools do people here have that also make their lives easier, aside from the mundane ones such as dishwashers and robot vacuums (I have one of those, also, the housekeeper never has to vacuum, so she loves it)?
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