They say Upsell, America must say no sale, Basic Econ Purchase Includes a Threat to scatter families

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by ahappyelite, Aug 7, 2017.

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    United which works everyday to delight customers according to the $18 million a year CEO-he sure must be delighted by making what 600 of his FA's earn, a worthless Congress, comatose regulators and media cheerleaders- has a new feature for those forced to purchase 'Basic Economy' a check list of punitive sanctions against passengers paying hard earned money to do business with them. Take that you choiceless peasants! Up in lights, on a chart that details how United will punish you for buying a fare that is almost always no real bargain is an explicit promise that your family will be punished by being scattered around the plane if you don't fork over additional revenue so that the CFO can look good to the Wall Street gangsteros. This is going to end badly for United. No one ever said they were smart, but if they were, they would end this nasty, punitive approach, apologize and at least lay claim to being the best airline among the dogs of US domestic aviation. And imagine the ugly scenes at the airport when employees have to absorb the stress from this myopic extortion.
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    Personally scattering my family around the cabin and allowing others to entertain them would be a plus for me!
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    I'm so tired of the immaterial CEO earnings nonsense. Just get on with the topic instead of the useless outrage. Don't want the family scattered, don't buy Basic Economy on any of the majors.

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