They Had Us at Bacon

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  1. First comes love, then comes bacon. Or is it the other way around?
    It’s about time a mobile bacon machine cruised around this fine, fog-filled, veggie-loving city of ours. Let’s face it, it’s cold this week, and we could all slap a little more fatty, pork belly onto our sinewy, Lululemon-clad thighs for warmth.
    [​IMG]Truck and Burger photos courtesy of UrbanDaddy
    The Bacon Bacon Truck saves the day! The hobbyhorse of the former GM of E & O Trading Company, Jim Angelus, Bacon Bacon feeds the bacon frenzy with all bacon, all the time. You don’t have to go to the market to get this little piggy stuffed into a sandwich, let alone six. There’s a bacon burger, a grilled cheese (with bacon jam), LGBT (not your typical BLT), the Almost Veggie (broccoli rabe + bacon), the Banh Mi (with pork meatballs), and the Belly (which sounds like an ideal hangover cure after a Tenderloin pub crawl).
    Sides include “dirty” fries (dirty means fried pork belly trimmings) and “The Bouquet” of bacon (a side of straight-up bacon). Desserts are also in the pipeline and will probably include bacon-flavored kettle corn and, get ready, chocolate-covered bacon. Add that to my last meal ever. Thanks.
    They will also serve root beer floats on tap! This is fantastic news considering we all need a new spot for root beer floats now that A&W appeared on the list of “brands likely to disappear in 2012.”
    The Bacon Bacon food truck has been testing the waters outside of the Oak Street DMV, which has caused the DMV workforce and formerly disgruntled patrons to skip smiling across the street into the Panhandle with flowers in their hair and pork belly in their teeth. Bacon Bacon will officially debut at Off the Grid sometime in the next week or two. Follow Bacon Bacon on Twitter to find out exactly when.
    And speaking of, Bacon Bacon already has close to 1,481 followers on Twitter, and if you’re the 1,500th follower, you can win free delivery of a bouquet of bacon to your loved one!
    Okay, just kidding, but being numéro 1,500 would be fun, wouldn’t it? And delivering a bouquet of bacon to your crush/date/new girlfriend would be quite the original idea. Unlike, say, an ex who is so unoriginal that he repeats the same date ideas with his new gf that he did with you, despite the fact that they were all your brilliant, imaginative ideas. Thus, he wrongfully appears Original! Thoughtful! and Unique! to the unassuming, new chick who will face the real, tacky, pathetic, and unoriginal him some day…sigh. [​IMG]

    Photo courtesy of Yahoo

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