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    Incomplete. Placeholder to ensure I complete the post. Photos to follow.

    First a disclaimer. This was my first trip into Greece and January is not the best time for a relaxing holiday.
    Thanks to a fare mistake on a posted ‘Daily Deals’ I decided to take a only weekend in Thessaloniki, GR.
    Jan 15. Departed EWR for MUC. Made good use of the *G lounge as tickets were in coach. Had a very pleasant but cold flight. (the window seat on the UA 767 was extremely cold.) I did plan ahead and had an oversized travel blanket that received many questions and stares when I nestled into it.
    Jan 16. Arrival and clearing customs in MUC was easy. I missed crossing paths with @OnTehWings by minutes. After a light snack in the LH lounge onward to my A3 flight to SKG. Service on A3 was not what I expected, A very nice HOT breakfast on a less than 2 hour flight.
    Arrival in SKG was a bit of a disappointment. The forecast light snow was actually a persistent wet precipitation with heavy overcast making any view of the area on the approach impossible.
    SKG is small and is less than 20 KM from Thessaloniki. There is a small display of aircraft visible but not accessible from the terminal. Transport into Thessaloniki is quick and easy. You have the choice of the bus for 2 euro that takes @20 minutes or taxi for 15 to 25 euro and takes about 10 minutes. I chose the taxi in bound due to the precipitation.
    Thessaloniki is hard for me to describe. It is a very old and historic city that has made several uneven attempts to modernize. But overall Thessaloniki is a little rough around the edges but very clean and comfortable. I felt safe and secure when I walked about but that being said I do tend to walk everywhere I go and haven’t had any problems. One of the first things I noticed was very few street / homeless. I don’t know if that was because there were only a few or if they are better hidden. You will also find a number of stray dogs throughout the city. They are well behaved and nonthreatening and seem to have made their homes in parks and cordoned off historical and construction sites almost as if they are guarding them. Cats can be seen in similar but lessor numbers. There are plates and bowels tucked out of the way that locals can be seen filling.
    The hotel of choice this trip was the Holiday Inn (one of two major chain hotels in Thessaloniki). The Holiday Inn turned out to be a very good choice in that is was near everything!
    The Holiday Inn has a modern façade that belies an old world interior. The lobby has it’s own distinctive flavor something that is missing in most new hotels today. The rooms are large modern and clean. I was upgraded to a junior suite on arrival. I not sure if I gained anything with the upgrade other than space as the upper floor room faced a blank wall. Amenities included flat screen TV, mini bar, very good WiFi, and a simple but very functional aircon system that keep the room comfortable.
    The good, the bad and the ugly. The good includes the bus / train station is only a couple of hundred meters down the road and a slightly longer walk to the center of the city with all the shopping and night life. The bad and ugly is you’re on the edge of the entertainment, maritime, and residential districts. I didn’t mind as I would normally journey through these places when I travel anyway.
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    I'm actually planning to go there during off-season, thank you for thoroughly sharing your experience.

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