The worst things people do on airplanes, ranked

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    15. Talking over other passengers
    14. Forcing a flirtatious conversation
    13. Trying to take another passenger's seat
    12. Hogging the armrest
    11. Hogging the floorspace
    10. Not using headphones
    9. Bringing smelly food on the plane
    8. Being smelly
    7. Moving someone else's bag out of the overhead bin
    6. Not doing anything about your screaming child
    5. Not having patience with a parent who is more miserable than you
    4. Getting up repeatedly — and forcing others to do so
    3. Taking shoes and socks off and putting feet anywhere but on the floor
    2. Pushing, pulling, kicking, jiggling or otherwise messing with another passenger's seat
    1. Delaying the flight

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    I'd move smelly food higher up the list, and probably add large folks overflowing their seats (invading neighboring seat's space) instead of purchasing two seats...

    of course there's plenty of discussion to be had in airlines' responsibility vis a vis smaller seats and row spacing....
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