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    We all travel at one time or another.

    However, during our journeys, we may want to know about the road conditions which may impede our passage to our next destination due to such factors as road construction, accidents or traffic.

    Please post in this discussion any road reports worldwide in which you believe would be pertinent to fellow members. Provide links if possible.

    For example, there have been delays on Interstate 75 between Akers Mill Road and Interstate 85 in Atlanta on weekends due to road construction — specifically, resurfacing the roads — causing delays in both directions as a result of lane closures. Fortunately, the work is just about completed, but delays are still possible on the weekends.

    Bonus: if you are heading north on Interstate 75 between Interstate 285 and Delk Road in Cobb County during the afternoon rush hour, stay in the right two lanes, as the vehicles in those lanes usually move at a faster pace than the remaining 6 lanes — but remember to work your way out of the two right lanes if staying on Interstate 75 once you see the solid white line before reaching Delk Road, as they become Exit Only lanes, as shown in the photograph below:

    Interstate 75 at Delk Road.jpg
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    Good Thread. In my business, I get a lot of road travelers. The most important restriction from a strictly touristic standpoint (in my opinion) right now is California Highway 1 at Big Sur. In March, a 40 foot section of the roadway dropped into the Pacific Ocean. From news reports, there is now one way alternating traffic thru the damaged section which could lead to lengthy delays.

    This section of CA 1 was built during the Depression by the CCC/WPA and it appears that the underlying substrate has given way. This could cause repairs to take as long as a year. Although CalTrans wants to get it fixed by the end of the summer.

    Here is a news link.

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