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    If interested, more pictures and full review available here: The Westin Washington, D.C. City Center Review

    The Westin Washington, D.C. City Center - Starwood Category 5
    1400 M Street NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20005
    Award Redemption: 12,000 pts or 6,000 pts +$110
    Normal rate: Varies widely b/t $119-$359, average around $224
    Starpoints return: .1 cents points - 4.3 cents/point = terrible - mediocre return


    This hotel is in a good, not excellent location. When you enter the lobby, you'll immediately be struck by the design--a 1982 building that gives you the feeling that you're in a fishbowl or an indoor shopping mall, which is pretty cool. At check-in, I wasn't offered an upgrade but was told that I had already booked a preferred room--c'mon make a Platinum feel special here! I chose the breakfast for all 4 nights instead of the 500 Starpoints.

    The lobby, restaurant and bar--all multi-tiered​

    My room was on the 10th floor of the 14 floor building. While they didn't give me an upgrade, this Traditional Accessible, non-smoking: King Bed was a slightly preferred corner room--but while the room was bigger, the interior view was much smaller.

    Traditional Accessible, non-smoking: King Bed​

    The room had its fair share of wear and tear with a normal-for-the-age amount of scuff marks on the walls. The "window" opens up to the lobby, providing a decent feeling of being trapped in a fish bowl. And, it's just a strange feeling looking out of your hotel window and not seeing the outdoors.

    View from 10th floor room​

    The property, as I've mentioned, is unique to say the least. The bar, restaurants and lobby are all designed to leave you feeling like you're suspended on a separate lily pad. I found the the bar to be too small for the size of the hotel-- it looked very cramped when I walked through.

    This is a rather run down, far from impressive property. I didn't hate it, but I will be going out of my way in the future to try either the Westin Georgetown, W D.C. or the St. Regis.

    BOTTOM LINE: Decent property, at best. I'll be going out of my way to stay at other D.C. area Starwoods or Hyatts in the future.

    More pictures and full review available here: The Westin Washington, D.C. City Center Review
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    Thanks for the review! I've been considering booking this hotel for an upcoming trip, and this makes me reconsider. There's definitely something weird about not having an exterior window, even if there's not a good view.
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    That review was diplomatic.

    The Westin Downtown isn't bad, but it's in need of a refresh and the 80s architecture is "interesting."

    It's also not really optimally located.

    While there are a lot of cool local restaurants and bars within a reasonable walk, if you don't know where to find them it's in kind of a wasteland for that stuff.

    It's also not right at any tourist attractions though, again, it's not a bad walk to the metro.

    On the other hand, both the W and St Regis are likely to be considerably more expensive and I don't think the Westin Georgetown is particularly better than this Westin.

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    This place is cheap because it's dated and not located in a great area for tourist. It's a voyeurs paradise!
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