The ultimate travel bucket list: From A to Z

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    A for ANDES

    This towering mountain range stretches an entire continent, offering spectacular vistas and the chance to rub shoulders with ancient civilisations throughout. The ultimate way to experience the Andes is on foot, the way Incans and Quechuans and Mapuches have for centuries. That might be a climb with crampons and ice axes to the summit of the Villarrica volcano in Chile, or a trek through soaring mountain passes on the Salkantay Trail in Peru; it could be getting lost in the winding streets of La Paz in Bolivia, or a hike through coffee plantations in the highlands of Colombia. Each experience is an ultimate adventure in itself.

    B for BUTLER

    Once the preserve of the filthy rich, today butlers help ordinary mortals to live more fabulously. And they're not only confined to luxury hotels. On board a Silversea cruise ship, the butler won't blink an eye if you answer the door wearing pyjamas and a dishevelled look and want a cup of tea served in bed. Guests checking in to the Park Hyatt Sydney can avail themselves of another pair of hands to buy a shirt, press a skirt or source a glamorous trinket while Miami's Ritz-Carlton South Beach boasts a tanning butler. Job description? Applying sunscreen and spritzing the overheated.

    C for CYCLING

    Belgium is high on the list of greatest countries for two-wheeled tourism. Riding the 850-kilometre Flemish Cycle Route is no major athletic feat. It's relaxed and comfortable, gliding along car-free cycleways, towpaths by canals and quiet country lanes. There's ever-changing scenery, a seemingly infinite range of Belgian beers and beautiful small towns. Ghent and Bruges are justifiably famous, but also charming are places you may never have heard of; Diksmuiden, Turnhout, Duffel (bags and coats, remember?) and Kortrijk. There's tragic history too. The route passes the World War I trenches and cemeteries of Flanders fields. This writer paused for the moving remembrance ceremony at dusk in Ypres, raised a glass to my grandfather's fallen comrades and pedalled on. The Flemish Cycle Route was my first long ride in Europe. It suited a rookie cyclist perfectly.


    There's a reasonJurassic Park opens on a dusty dig site in Montana: the place is stuffed full of fossils, like many of its neighbouring states. Tyrannosaurus Rex was first discovered in Colorado, then Wyoming. A mummified hadrosaur was unearthed in North Dakota badlands. In fact, the Rocky Mountains area is a dazzling playground for dino-enthusiasts - and not just for paleontology museums, though there are more than a dozen (Museum of the Rockies, in Bozeman, is the standout). A self-drive ''Montana Dinosaur Trail'' takes discovery to the open road, linking spectacular natural formations such as Makoshika State Park with major field sites. Plan early enough and you can even join an active dig.


    The poles aren't visited, they're earned. Entry price is prohibitive (especially when ice breakers are required), on-board lectures are often intense and if you're heading south, sea-crossings can be brutal. But you'll join a select club of voyagers who return home with a faraway look in their eye and a hard-to-explain love for ice. Broadly speaking, the Arctic is about ice-cap wildlife and a reachable pole, while Antarctica is the seventh continent that will turn your world on its head. For the latter, go ex-Ushuaia, a gorgeous Patagonian outpost before cruising the mountainous Antarctic Peninsula; or board an icebreaker out of Hobart/Christchurch into the Ross Sea for scientific bases, explorer heroes and the smoking volcano, Erebus. It'll send shivers up your expedition parker.

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    Meh. Most of these things can be found in other parts of the world for cheaper.

    For "S" How about Swiss Alps, Seattle, Space Needle, Southfork Ranch in Dallas, San Antonio River Walk, San Xavier Mission in Tucson, South Beach, SoHo, Swiss Alps, Singapore, and so on, and so on. The A-Z bucket list seems to imply that if you want to be cool or hip that those 26 spots are the best.
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