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Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by GateGuru, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Hi Everyone -
    We are expanding GateGuru in a very significant way. As such, we wanted to hear insights from the posters at Milepoint to better understand your pain points on the day-of travel and what your "ultimate day-of travel app" would look like? Although we can't eliminate airline delays;) , our goal is to develop a mobile product that radically transforms how people experience their day-of travel.

    Any thoughts, in part or whole, would be greatly appreciated.

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    How about an app which has you fill out fields for what a day entails? And then reminders could be set.

    Obviously having the flight itinerary and alert triggers whether the said flights are on time/late are key with any updated alert information would be great. Also something that would signify a gate change would be huge (if that's possible).

    But something that takes you through the day. If you have a flight at 9AM and you need to be there by 7AM, maybe it can have some kind of GPS connectivity to where it can figure out when someone would have to leave in order to make their designated arrival time to the airport.

    Also, allow capabilities for food preferences and that way when someone arrives to their origin or connecting or final destination airport, one can get automatic alerts as to where they should eat based on their preferences and reviews from other passengers.

    Obviously I envision a more alert based app but maybe the alerts will serve as huge turnoffs to other passengers. However, if I arrive to an airport, know where I'm connecting to, and know where I should eat along with any schedule changes, that would make things pretty convenient in my opinion.
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    Where I can get a special meal at an airport. For me, that means gluten free, but I'm sure that others with special diets will also be interested, especially for domestic trips where no special meals are offered for us.
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    How about mapping the most efficient way to get to the gate when making a connection. Sometimes in a new airport I am not sure what is the best way to go, especially when changing terminals and tight connections.
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    That would be nice!!!!!
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    Integration of your trip itineraries with where you will be in the airport - what terminal or concourse will I be on, what are the security wait times that are relevant to me, what places are accessible airside, what lounges are nearby, etc.

    Better lounge information - what lounges are available and how can they be accessed. It would be awesome if I could set up what loung access methods I have available (i.e. Plat amex, priority pass, skyteam elite+, daypasses for AA in my case) and filter available lounges.

    The mapping idea is great. Extend to listing/mapping what amenities are near my departure gate, and what is the typical walking time to the gate. Right now it's tough to know what is accessible airside and what is nearby/far, especially in advance of getting to the airport.

    Parking status updates would be great - is the onsite parking full? Flight status too, although there are lots of other good options there.

    Ability to cache airports that are on upcoming itineraries, so you can view without a network connection - reliability of wireless data can be frustratingly terrible at airports at times. Also useful for international travel where one may not have a data plan to use.

    Those are a few that come to mind.
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