The truth about airline food

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    A classic case of the good, the bad and the ugly? Maybe so! Lets see a show of hands, how many people have eaten their entire meal served on a flight? How many people enjoyed that meal? Right… that’s what we thought…

    Airline food, somewhere along the line, got itself a bad reputation. It’s a hard one to shake off. We’re always a little wary when it’s that time in the flight when the stewardess grabs her cart of steamy trays and makes her way down the aisle. “Chicken or fish?” she asks the passengers. You lean up out of your seat to see if you can get a glance at what the two choices look like. It’s hopeless. Do you flip a coin? It’s a gamble.

    But, why?

    Some experts say that the background noise passengers are subject do during a flight can dramatically have an effect on how the food tastes. Loud noise reduces both the sweetness and saltiness of the food… hence the blandness we all so often complain about. Yes this white-noise increases the crunch factor.
    The solution: Studies also show that passengers listening to pleasant or relaxing music enjoyed their meals more. So, plug in your headphones and browse the music selection of your in-flight entertainment system while you’re enjoying your dinner.

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    Background noise? :confused: I think the bland taste of aircraft food is more due to the dry air which dulls your sense of taste.

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