The thrill of carry on bags

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    After starting to charge fees for checking baggage, airlines are finding new ways to make money from carry-ons. Overhead compartments, it turns out, are valuable real estate — and these days, they go to the highest bidders.

    Using an airline credit card? Come on down. Flying first class? Right this way. Paying an extra fee when you book? It’s your turn. Priority is increasingly given to those who pay.
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    Slow news day at the NYT.
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    Well, yes, carry-on bags have become a way for most airlines (not SWA) to make more money. Some pet peeves about carry-on bags include:
    - the airlines almost never check at the ticketing area if a carry-on will actually fit into the "cage" they provide for this purpose (at least I've never seen them do this).
    - on certain flights/airlines, passengers bring on board bags that would never fit in the overhead bin, so that they can have their carry-on bag gate-checked, and avoid a checked bag fee.
    - obnoxious passenger A brings an oversized bag onboard the plane. He (rarely a she) takes your bag out of the overhead compartment so that he can fit his bag in. Or, even better, he leaves his oversized bag hanging out of the overhead compartment, leaving the flight crew to deal with both the bag.
    You can't make this up :)
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    Unfortunately, that's life. Any real estate that's in short supply is eventually sold to the highest bidder - that's as true of overhead bin space as it is beachfront properties or condos overlooking Central Park. When the airlines decided to charge a fee for checking luggage instead of raising the base fare, they created a monster.
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  5. Indeed they did and the pushing to be first on at the gate is another monster created on some flights.
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