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    Hi all,

    So I got my new FB card (a downgrade from Plat to Gold due to reduced travel), but the one thing I noticed in the leaflet that comes with it:

    "New Benefit - Keep your extra level miles for next year - From now on, every level mile earned above your level threshold will be saved for you and automatically transferred to your balance for the following year. So your level miles balance won't go back to zero at the start of each new year. With this new feature, you can keep your current status or be upgraded more easily. The additional level miles you earned in 2011 will automatically appear on your account from mid-2012. By then, you might have enough level miles to be upgraded!"

    So it sounds like Flying Blue is introducing rollover. I'm wondering if I get a rollover based on the gold threshold ... would be nice.


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    As a DL flyer, I know I have an appreciation for rollover...even though I manage to fly the 125k for DM each year.


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