The Simon Wood case

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    Very sad and disappointing.

    BA is of course not the only airline to have employees who have been convicted of heinous crimes. Any international airline or organization (e.g. UN peacekeeping meissions) can be the working host to such people. In this case, BA's own publicity materials/structures were used as a front to abet the abuse; I wonder why this kind of thing wasn't monitored by those in charge of the charity/outreach activities in E. Africa?

    The Savile analogy is sadly apt.

    The internal vetting procedures do need to be called into question. This is in spite of what can only be termed pedophile-hysteria in popular culture. The contrast between BA's handling of this sad event and the company policy behind Mirko Fischer case is particularly glaring.

    As always, secrecy and censorship are the common enemies.
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    Astonishing case. :(

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