The Rental of Homes and Apartments is the Fastest-Growing Trend in Travel. Are Hotels a Dying Breed?

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    *You are two couples residing in the same neighborhood, close friends, and each couple has two teenage children. You have decided to vacation together in Orlando, Florida. At many hotels, you will be required to rent as many as four rooms for a stiff total price, but from a vacation-home-renting organization called, you can rent a four-bedroom Orlando villa with swimming pool, housing eight persons, for $110 a night.

    *You are simply a family of four planning a stay in Vancouver, Canada, and you would face hotel costs of at least $200 a night. From, which offers apartments as well as homes, you can obtain a two-bedroom apartment in Vancouver for $90 a night. And since the apartment contains a fully-equipped kitchen, you can buy groceries and prepare an occasional meal for the four of you, for much less than you would have spent in a restaurant.

    The rental of short-term apartments or vacation homes in place of hotel rooms has surely become the fastest-growing trend in all of travel. Even two persons traveling together will find that apartments in most cities can be obtained for no more than a hotel room would cost, and they will be far more spacious (and with at least kitchenette facilities) as well.

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    Speaking as one who owns 35 rental houses and 6 small apartment buildings, I would not consider renting out any of my properties on a daily basis. I don't mind cleaning and renovating when long term tenants move out, but having to clean every time someone leaves after a day or two would be expensive and quite a nuisance.

    Perhaps a very large apartment complex with full time staff could handle that, but the average property owner does not run that type of operation.

    There are also license, insurance and legal issues to be dealt with, as hotel owners can easily kick out non paying tenants. It is quite the process as a landlord to do the same thing.
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