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    As someone just starting out, and somewhat hates United, but need Star Alliance because of their destinations, what do you think of the Asiana MM mileage program? I fly mostly Lufthansa. Do all of the fares earn as part of their any Star Alliance airline earns towards MM? Thanks!
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    No experience with Asiana (close to UA 1MM here), but are there still any carriers that award lifetime miles based on non-flight earning? Any who might they merge with?

    Recall that when CO and UA merged, there was an adjustment -- CO had counted all EQMs, even ones on other carriers or based on fare class bonuses, toward lifetime status. Some folks got a 30-40% boost in their UA lifetime balance when they made the retroactive adjustment to match the CO rule, even though they're using the UA rule going forward.

    I'm wondering what will happen with AA and US -- AA used to allow all earning to count toward lifetime. Depending on whether they look back into US's history and make a similar adjustment, someone wanting lifetime on AA might still be well served by collecting some US miles now. This one won't help you, but maybe there's a similar opportunity with another *A carrier.

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