The One Reason Why You Should Keep Your Feet Off the Dashboard

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    I never understood why passengers in a car would want to remove their shoes and rest their feet on the dashboard. Maybe it is an opportunity to air out their feet. Perhaps it is comfortable for them. I do not know; but if I were to try it, I would surely be uncomfortable — probably as uncomfortable as I would be putting my feet up on the wall of a bulkhead while I am a passenger aboard an airplane, which I do not do... ...but the likelihood of an airplane encountering a collision during a flight — or crashing at all, for that matter — is apparently 0.00001 percent, according to this article written by Ross Bonander of AskMen. Your chances of being involved in an automobile accident is significantly higher, however — especially if you are a passenger in a moving vehicle where the driver is texting — and though the potentially unsightliness of the sight of bare feet may be enough of a reason not to put feet on the dashboard inside of a car, perhaps the increased risk of danger might be more convincing as the one reason why you should keep your feet off the dashboard of the car. In the event of a sudden collision, there is no time to react; and airbags can deploy in a fraction of a second with a force so powerful that it can cause substantial — and possibly permanently irreparable — bodily damage. Consider the story of Bethany Benson, who... The post The One Reason Why You Should Keep Your Feet Off the Dashboard appeared first on The Gate.

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