The Next Change Delta Needs to Make

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    Now that they have addressed the overcrowding of Sky Clubs and are adding amenities to make the Sky Club actually valuable, Delta now needs to move on to the next logical step that occasional travelers will call a "devalue" but frequent travelers will applaud.

    What they need to do is to create separation from artificial "elite" membership levels and real ones. While the introduction of spend requirements will address this a little, the explosion of credit card earned "elite" status has gotten out of control. When they call for Sky Priority boarding and half the plane - and this is not an exaggeration - qualifies for this boarding group, there is nothing "elite" about that experience at all.

    If they want to give folks a silver or gold level so they can check a bag free or have rank over others who only travel once in a blue moon, that is fine. But, they've created a mess at their gates with the current scheme. I'm working on a more detailed blog post on this in the upcoming days.
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    The problem is cities like MEM, DL is the only game in town so SP is most of the flight .

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