The-most-travelled-watch-in-the-World needs YOU !

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  1. Would you like to wear and take care of my personal wrist watch for a few days?

    Can you take a set of quality images?

    Do you travel to or live in an exotic location?

    Would you like to be a part of an excited journey called

    If answers to all is YES then be quick - seats are limited!


    Human exploration and curiosity knows no limits. We've conquered almost every corner of the planet, been to the moon, and sent our tools and toys to Mars and way beyond!
    In essence, the quest for the unexplored is what makes us humans.
    Of course, there will always be a few who happily live by the famous Homer Simpson's maxima: "If something is too difficult, then it's not worth doing!"
    But not us: we are smart, curious, trustworthy, reliable and unstoppable 'desktop explorers' ;)

    What if...?
    Would it be possible to send a wrist watch on a journey to visit every corner of the earth?
    And if it is possible, how long would such a journey take?
    What are the chances that it would return home safely, still keeping correct time? How can we solve obvious logistic problems? Most importantly, would it be fun to be a part of the story of The-most-travelled-watch-in-the world?
    In my books, the answer to all of the above is YES!

    A few simple rules
    A game with no set rules is not a game at all. The beauty of being 'the first' is that we can write the rules to suit us, and whoever wants to beat us, he would need to do so on our terms.
    The official UN list of Countries lists 257. To visit them all is surely a challenge, but not something that would be impossible- the only limitation is time and money.
    A far more comprehensive list of "every corner of the earth" would be to visit the countries on what is known as the DXCC list. This list consists of 340 countries and territories, including some extremely remote places which are visited by humans only now and then. For example, the islands close to the North and South poles or the specks of dirt in the middle of Pacific Ocean.
    For those who try, the DXCC list is the ultimate challenge, and for that very reason we should set our bar right there.
    Apart from time and money, impeccable logistics and plenty of luck would be required to send a watch to all DXCC entities. In other words, such task would be a challenge even for the wealthiest person on the earth, yet not out of reach of any individual or group.
    Second rule: the watch would need to physically land on firm ground (or ice!). Flying over or sailing by does not count.
    The third rule: the watch would need to keep time and be physically on the wrist of the wearer.
    And the final rule: in case of loss, no substitute watch can continue the journey. The last country visited will be the one to count in our final total.

    Are you ready to join us?
    Are you an international traveller, sailor, pilot, or just someone who makes one trip a year to an overseas destination? Would you like to be remembered as someone who wore The-most-travelled-watch-in-the world to India, Japan, Egypt, Willis Island or Temotu province?
    Do you like to participate in group efforts and offer your service for a common goal?
    If so, make yourself known, you are welcome.

    The challenge
    Apart from all obvious problems, above all, it is the physical travel time that will slow us down. Therefore careful planning and punctuality is essential.
    What we are looking for in this initial stage is someone who is already booked for a foreign destination and can QUICKLY visit and return the watch.
    Later, after the watch has visited all 'the easy ones' we will focus on those who will travel for longer periods of time (2-4 weeks) but who can visit the most new places during their trip.
    The final stage: to schedule delivery of the watch to hard core expeditioners traveling to extremely remote places. Such a trip could take 3-6 months or longer!
    Based on the above, I would estimate that all 340 DXCC entities can be visited by various individuals in 5-12 years. Yes, we are in this for the long haul!

    Where are we at right now?
    The-most-travelled-watch-in-the-World is still at the very start of the journey - in my workshop, ready to embark on its first overseas destination. At this stage the honour will go to a friend who resides in Philippines, and who was the first one to offer her service.
    We have been offered hosting in Spain, Italy, Turkey and possibly even Georgia, a couple of trips to Hawaii, a complete Scandinavian tour and also Japan and Malaysia. Ont he list of very excotic and not-so-travelled places: Zimbabwe, Congo and Angola!

    Set and ready to go:

    May 27-31 Philippines.
    June 03-07 Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore.
    June 10 - June 23 [ available for quick o/s trip, must be back in Syd by June 23]
    June 24 - July 1 United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia, Slovenia, Italy
    July 2 [ available for the next European destination? ]

    Nick Hacko
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    I'll definitely pass, but can make one suggestion. If one wanted to create a "most-traveled-object", it might make sense to choose a GPS-enabled device with internal memory.
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    Or something like this
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