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    It seems like everybody and their mama is finding some way to take advantage of our girth and the frequent media shouts of, “We are all fat!”
    But this time, it’s an unlikely source:
    The online travel agency has come up with this YouTube video showing us how to get a workout with our luggage.

    The video features a personal-trainer type in an airport in England, asking random travelers to participate in various exercises, such as lifting their luggage over their heads or doing step exercises on their hard-cased luggage. It’s pretty cute, but I feel certain I would have blown the guy off -- unless he waved some cash at me. But that’s me.

    My favorite part of the video is when this woman with a thick Scottish accent interjects randomly. (Note: I had to ask our resident Brit, Greg Phillips, to make sure it was a Scottish accent. So, if I’m wrong, blame him.)
    It’s a good idea, actually. I find my favorite thing to do in airports is eat. The last time I flew, I was delighted to find a Krystal’s in the Atlanta airport. Tennesseans and Georgians know what I’m talking about – the little square burgers that melt in your mouth.
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    Great. Sweaty seatmates. :p

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