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    on my recent statement I was reading Spire Ambassador :eek:

    for several years it has always read Platinum Royal Ambassador

    then there were recent changes for Rollover Nights and Award Stays making it all rather confusing etc

    so I rang Ambassador Help Line and they said I missed the cut-off for RA by quite a few nights and they claimed I could access all my stays online which is not true, can only see back 180 days .............

    this all did not sound right so I rang again and the lady who helped me manually counted my nights and confirmed I was RA again for another year

    however she did confirm that rollover and reward nights are irrelevant, you need 70 paid nights with 20 of those at IC hotels over your 12 month membership term
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    I don't understand your comment abut rollover and reward nights. It clearly says in the rules that rollover nights are counted toward the current year. The 20 IC nights is still standard although I think it was 15 in prior years. I also thought I saw that reward nights would be counted toward status.
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    If you go to the mobile site you see back a lot farther. I can see back into 2013, almost two years back.
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