The intolerable frequency of DL.COM malfunctions

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    Even the most ardent DL apologists and company employees agree that DL.COM malfunctions with an unacceptable severity and frequency. It's the worst major vendor site in the airline biz. I agree that KL and AF.COM present crappy interfaces and nonintuitive options for flight selection, but they do ticket the displayed itins more often than not. Meantime, CO.COM annihilates all other competing websites in functionality and value for the consumer. CO are smart enough to know this and will use this platform for UA going fowards. Another customer-friendly move in terms of awareness of how IT platforms affect system performance and customer satisfaction.

    I am watching this fandango from the SK lounge at CPH with amusement because I have no intention of booking any flights on DL. Although I admit that it's a cold, rainy morning here and I wasn't able to go walkabout at Tivoli, so I need the sport, perhaps I'll try a dummy booking and just add to the system load.

    If you're really frustrated with all this, the solution is easy. Simply go to UA/AA/AS/KL/AF/ and book your flights there.

    Admit it.

    DL.COM is.....
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    The beauty of this is that it works for any adverse comment. Simply replace "" and "Delta" with "Democrat/Republican" and "Liberal/Conservative" and you have a perfect blog/news site/Facebook reply to any political link. Or add in your politician of choice's name, your hated sports team rival, a relative you don't care for... the possibilities are endless!
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    Wow, not knowing what you were talking about at first, I went to, and I have to say it's pretty cool that they are getting that video background without using Flash! Even expands to fill the screen when stretched.

    Ahem, back on topic. I have sworn off Delta, and now I'll only fly Southwest or JetBlue domestically.

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