The incalculable costs to trust and businesses of all kinds caused by our sleazy, lying aircartel

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    Imagine all of the business and investment damage that is caused each year because of the lying, aethical and immoral practices of our air cartel:
    All the second homes not bought because air travel is such a ripoff (contrast with Europe) where UK people travel to second homes for $50
    All the towns and citys starved of air travel by the cartel and denied the knock on benefits of accessible air travel
    All the customers lied to, ripped off, baited and switched, hardsold and upsold against their will.
    The rooms and cars not rented, the damoening effect lying has on customer confidence and enthusiasm.
    All the customers who lost hundreds or perhaps thousands in fees and non refundable tickets and who will never again be as trusting as they were. Having a company take money from you for slmething you never got or for something you did not forsee is a wounding experience
    How about all who accumulated miles only to see them grossly diminished, flights not available, or their miles seized altogether through scam expiry.
    The million milers and so many other elites who were lied to then kicked to the curb
    A nation told the biggest lies of all: if you permit us to merge we will reciprocate with better everything.
    The greed of Wall Street knows no boundaries or decency and exhibit A is our airturd.
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