The impact of PV on Gaullist op-ups? Data needed

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    It seems the potentials for op-ups on AF have been diminished by the systemwide fitment of PV cabins.

    The normal protocol is a one-class op-up. In the past, yes, back in the old redtail days, this resulted in numerous op-ups for me from Voyageur to Affaires and even in one legendary case, to Premiere. But now the Gaullists have V, PV, A and P. So, from Voyageur, to Premium Voyageur, PV to Affaires, Affaires to Premiere.

    The way in which the cabins are marketed and sold suggests that they will be able to manage the op-up sequencing and maintain a one-cabin differential. The small number of PV seats means fewer oppos for oversell in W, and the smaller number of Y seats needing to be vacated can be managed no doubt by opup to the small PV cabin.

    This isn't applicable in the same way to the DL and KL EC fitments, which are after all not separate cabins, marketed with different levels of service. We know those opups still happen.

    So what I want to know is, who's been op-upped from V to A, and who from V to PV, recently?
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