The glorious life of a US Air Pilot

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    I have a friend who flies for US Air. Got this message recently so I thought I'd pass it along so everyone could get a good chuckle. Names & Airports have been removed to protect his identity.

    Greetings from I-95 somewhere between Raleigh, NC, and ZZZ. It's been a great 24 hrs since I got back from my XXX trip yesterday.....I couldn't get on the 6:00 flt from CLT as it was oversold (those 50-seat RJs are the BEST), but had JS on the 7:45. I lucked out and got a seat in the back of the 737...our only mainline flt of the day from CLT. We were about 3 or 4 minutes from touching down in ZZZ, and it started getting pretty rough. Shortly thereafter, here comes the power coming up and now we're climbing...excellent. After a few minutes the pilots said there had been a micro-burst at the ZZZ airport, and it was raining heavily, so we were going to hold and let it pass. After 20 minutes here comes the power again and now we're on our way to RDU...Raleigh-Durham, NC, to refuel. I love it.
    It gets better....after sitting on the ground for a very long time....and NOT getting refueled.....they announce that the flt has been canceled. It's after 11:00 at night now, and there are no more flts out of RDU. I just missed a United flt that had diverted in there and is on it's way to ZZZ. I am screwed.....then the crew finds out that they're going to take the plane to ZZZ in the morning at 0830, and the Captain and a flight attendant BOTH offer to let me stay in their rooms with them and ride out to the airport in the morning with them. The flt attendants were all new....the first new-hires we've had in years. (That explains why they were nice.) Just kidding.....sort of. :)
    I tell the flt att that I'll stay with her so the Captain can get some sleep....I'm always thinking safety, you know. But the Capt had already asked the hotel for a room with 2 beds, so I end up with him. Very nice guy from YYY. Then they get rescheduled, but a different crew is going to dead-head in and take out the flt to ZZZ. So I go out to the airport after a few hours of sleep and the flt is now leaving at 9:30. We finally board and taxi out....we get to the end of the runway and sit and sit. This is not it comes. Useless Air has now decided to cancel the flt and use the plane to fly to CLT, so we have to go back to the gate. It is a very good thing that passengers (and commuters) are screened for weapons, as there surely would have been some gun fire on board...probably with me being first. I'm furious, as I know there is no way we will be able to get home, as every flt to everywhere is oversold.
    Then US Air finally decides that they're going to charter a bus to get the passengers back to ZZZ, so I quickly change out of my uniform and act like a disgruntled passenger so I can get on the bus and here I am. It's a beautiful drive, and you can view the scenery very well when you're stopped on the inter-state on a Sunday afternoon because the traffic is all backed up.
    Life is good and I work for a very well-run airline and I like my job and am happy that I get to keep doing this until I turn 65...or maybe they'll raise the retirement age to 70 by then and I can do it for ever.
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    Wow he sounds disgruntled... let me know his name so I can choose to disembark if I hear he's flying my plane. :)

    IROPs due to bad weather... not much I can see that US Airways could have done different other than fire up their Weather Dominator (Cobraaaalalalalala!!!). Either way, it's probably the result of one of those "series of unfortunate events" but seriously that's what you get when you fly into these small airports -- any kind of irregular activity can spiral into a huge mess.

    I'm not sure that there would have been anything to do... maybe if they had more flights out of RDU? Hell if I know. :)
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    Sucks to be that guy.... which many of us frequent fliers have been. Props to Viguera for whipping out the GI Joe reference.... haven't seen that done in many a year.

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